Corporate Governance

Madagascar Oil is committed to upholding high standards of governance and risk management by:

  • Ensuring the Board is fully accountable to our governance and risk management protocols;
  • Reinforcing our Board, Management Team and Employees are engaged in the highest business ethics in every transaction, including a zero tolerance for bribery and corruption;
  • Leading by example amongst our industry partners, contractors, suppliers and vendors by demonstrating transparency and a fairness in our contracting processes;
  • Developing and cultivating essential long-term relationships with host governments and its agencies; and
  • Engaging and collaborating with the communities while providing protections through safety and delivering high standards in health and environmental practices and procedures.

Ethics & Integrity

Madagascar Oil is committed to the highest standards in Ethics and Integrity by ensuring that it is complying with all applicable laws; not making or accepting illegal payments; ensuring all documentation including financial accounts and records are accurate, complete and correct; competing fairly and reporting all concerns and violations in an effort to be open and transparent. All Madagascar Oil management and employees review and sign an Anti-Bribery Policy twice per year.

We are committed to our Corporate Responsibility by engaging in the highest standards in Safety, Health and Environment; ensuring that we treat our employees, contractors, suppliers and vendors, and industry partners as well as our local communities fairly and openly. We engage local communities with an unyielding understanding of their livelihoods while respecting their cultures and traditions.

Accountability & Audit

Madagascar Oil has an experienced Audit Committee responsible for overseeing the financial reporting disclosure process, which also includes the appropriate accounting policies. The Audit Committee monitors internal financial controls as well as overseeing the hiring and performance of the external auditors.