Madagascar Oil at a Glance

Our Vision

Madagascar Oil is a leading oil and gas operating company who believes in our dual responsibility to generate value for our shareholders and lead the way in developing Madagascar’s significant natural resources that will benefit the whole country.

Our Strategy


Madagascar Oil is driving towards three key goals:

  • Convert resource to reserves
  • Deliver profitable development
  • Grow shareholder value significantly

With five core themes paving the pathway to sustainable value:

  • Large, high-longevity, early-stage resource,
  • Proven and mature thermal technology,
  • Upside potential in follow-on exploration,
  • Supported by an engaged government, and
  • Proven, talented management team.

Strong commitment towards:

  • Safety first for our people and the communities,
  • Drilling responsibly and being a good neighbor while we are guests in the local communities,
  • Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Giving strategies that add value,
  • Conducting ourselves accordingly and with a focus on environmentally-friendly practices where we operate especially among the highly sensitive biodiversity of the Island,
  • Engaging our stakeholders, contractors and communities through respectful interactions and conducting ourselves ethically and with high integrity, and
  • Committed to collaborating and engaging one another internally through the principles and practices of high-performance teaming.

Our Expertise

Madagascar Oil’s operations, production and technical personnel are highly skilled with significant years of experience operating in terrains across the world. The team has considerable oil and gas industry knowledge and experience covering the full cycle of activities from exploration through appraisal and development to production. In particular, Madagascar Oil has substantial experience in thermal operations.