Community Investment

Madagascar Oil places great emphasis on the environment and in maintaining the highest international standards of sensitivity to the environment and environmental protection. In its work, Madagascar Oil meets not only its own high standards but also local and international regulations and World Bank standards.

All project activity is conducted pursuant to permits approved by the Madagascar Office of Environment and includes public meetings and consultations with the local communities that may be affected by exploration activity. Madagascar Oil works with the local community as well as international NGOs to foster environmental awareness and environmentally-friendly practices and to ensure it is in tune with current environmental issues and understanding.

Social Programs:

Madagascar Oil continues to support the local communities in its area of operations. In the last five years the Company has made contributions to local programs and schools on a local and regional level. Along with direct contributions and support, the Company has invested in infrastructure for roads and bridges that benefits the community access in the region. The projects include:

  • Construction of a medical clinic.
  • Construction of a school building.
  • Installation of a water wells.
  • Improvements to community centers.
  • Supplying equipment and learning materials to schools in 10 communities.
  • Supplying of farming tools and materials.