Corporate Social Responsibility

Madagascar Oil deploys its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy in the Melaky and Menabe regions to encourage all concerned stakeholders to work together towards sustainable development. Madagascar Oil has an active and visible programme of support for the communities adjacent to its areas of operation. Our aim is to contribute to the economic and social well being of these communities.

The Company conducts regular consultations to determine the needs of the local communities. The key areas of investment for the CSR programme include education, health, environmental awareness, respect of human rights, and economic development in effort to promote improvement in standards of living. The Company also makes charitable donations to local causes and to any national disaster funds.

During 2013-2014, the Company carried out the following major projects

Road Improvements
roadRehabilitation of the road from Ankondromena to Folakara (12 km) and rehabilitation of the worst sections of the road from Tsiroanomandidy to Tsimiroro, including a portion of the national road RN1B for contributing to road access during the 2014 dry season (March to October).
Water Supply
The Company provides local communities with access to safe drinking water and latrines. During 2013, Madagascar Oil drilled one additional well in Folakara and another one in Ankisatra.

In addition, construction and implementation of a water supply and sanitation network in Beravina (2,400 inhabitants) was completed in October 2013, in collaboration with our sustainable technology partner, Water Aid.

educationEducation and health programmes put children in the heart of our CSR activities preparing Malagasy generations today in hopes that one day they may participate in the full field development of tomorrow.

In addition, the Company gave provisions for school equipment and materials for teachers in remote villages; and made contributions to teachers’ salaries as well as repair in school tables and benches in the Menabe region.

Also, school construction projects have commenced in May 2014. This includes a 5-classroom elementary school for Ankondromena along with contributions to a first-ever primary school in Mahavelo serving 200 pupils.

The Company donated medical equipment and supplied medicines to the Ankisatra Heath Centre, along with contributions to the de-worming and vaccination campaign for remote villages within the Region.

In March 2013, a cataract treatment programme ‘Eyes Illness Screening’ was provided in partnership with Lions Sight First Madagascar (Health Unit of Lions Club International). This was the first time many community members have had access to eye care. Overall, there were 23 patients participating in surgical operations and 70 pairs of glasses were distributed to community members from Ankondromena, Ankisatra, Folakara, Soaloka and Betsipolotra.

Economic Development & Sustainability
ecodev1The Company participated in establishing tree nurseries contributing to re-forestation. With re-forestation as a major contributor to protecting the environment, it was a great opportunity to help the environment and provide income for local community members. Over 3,000 trees were planted in 2013-2014 covering 12 hectares of land.
Stakeholder Engagement

Building relationships with our key stakeholders and maintaining open channels of communication is critical to company success.

These stakeholders include our investors, employees, local communities, business partners, multilateral organisations and the Malagasy Government.

Madagascar Oil is committed to respectful, open dialogue with the aim of building trust and support of local communities impacted by operations.

Madagascar Oil follows international best practice with a community engagement feedback process that enables members of the local community to offer feedback, raise concerns or ask questions. The company is committed to working with the community to resolve any concerns effectively and ensure a healthy on going relationship.

Impact Management
impactmgmtOpen dialogue about company activities helps manage company risk as well as social impacts. Open consultation with local village representatives and authorities continues over infrastructure projects, employment and land use.

Madagascar Oil recognises that its operations can impact local communities – their land, livelihoods and homes. The company looks to avoid or minimize impacts and create sustainable opportunities and benefits for the communities and local environment.