Health, Environment & Safety


environMadagascar is biodiversity rich with many endemic species. It’s estimated 80% of its species live nowhere else in the world.

Madagascar Oil understands the unique challenges of operating in a sensitive and delicate environment. Madagascar Oil is committed to mitigating environmental impacts and managing operations in an environmentally responsible way.

Madagascar oil not only commits to meeting local environmental regulation but also international standards such as the International Finance Corporation, a World Bank Group. The company also has in place rigorous internal standards.

Working in partnership with local communities, local and international nongovernmental organisations and government stakeholders is key to Madagascar Oil’s approach to managing environmental issues. Madagascar Oil works with these different groups to foster environmental awareness and manage environmental practices and impacts.

Health & Safety

The safety and security of Madagascar Oil’s employees, contractors and assets is a core business value. Protecting local communities and the environment is part of this.

Madagascar Oil strives for an accident and incident free workplace with a focus on personal and process safety. There were no lost time accidents in 2013 and 2014, and the company reached its three million man-hours without a lost time accident milestone!

A healthy and productive workforce is an essential element to success. Madagascar Oil identifies health risks and provides medical care for its staff when required.