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A Leader in Madagascar’s Developing Energy Industry

Madagascar Oil (the “Company”) is an independent international oil and gas company focused on exploration, development and production opportunities in five onshore blocks in Madagascar. The Company is Madagascar’s leading oil and gas company having worked in country since 2004. In early 2015, it was awarded the country’s first upstream mining title resulting in a 25-year development license on Block 3104 Tsimiroro.

The awarding of the development license allows phase one development to proceed, with 1.7 billion barrels of contingent resource already identified in the Tsimiroro field. Through the application of steam flood thermal recovery, Tsimiroro is expected to be of the world’s giant oilfields. Additionally, the Company is seeking to expand our portfolio through exploitation of the giant Bemolanga bitumen field, and exploration for light oil and natural gas opportunities.

The Company is fully committed to working closely with the Government of Madagascar to reaching the important milestone of first Tsimiroro commercial production and placing Madagascar in the league of significant oil suppliers. Madagascar Oil is fully engaged in making a positive contribution to the local communities in its operations area, and to the country, through its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through an array of community programs and projects. The Company is also participating in programs to sustain the healthy biodiversity of the Island.

More than 100,000 barrels (17, 000 cubic meters) of Tsimiroro crude oil fueled steamflood pilot operations.  In September 2016, Tsimiroro Field oil was successfully used to generate electricity at the Mandroseza power plant in Antananarivo.

Recent News

'Powering' Madagascar

Tsimiroro oil has been successfully used as a low-sulfur fuel for electricity at Mandroseza power plant, in support of Madagascar’s energy growth. The company also uses the sweet crude to generate steam for operations, and plans to progress the first phase of field development, increase production, and prove reserves.

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Developing Low-Sulfur Fuels


Tsimiroro Oil Field is located 125 km from the west coast of Madagascar – first discovered in 1909 with 14 degree API oil at shallow depths along a 65-km-long geologic structure. Madagascar Oil has drilled 150 development & appraisal wells, capable to supply low-sulfur fuels to help meet rising national and regional energy demand.

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Euronews Interview with CEO

In July 2016, Euronews reporter Serge Rombi visited Tsimiroro Oil Field in Western Madagascar, discussed future development plans with Madagascar Oil CEO, John Claussen, and also spoke with OMNIS Directeur General, Bonaventure Rasoanaivo, about the significant energy resource potential in Madagascar.