We Are Responsible


Madagascar Oil understands the importance of its responsibility to all stakeholders.

Throughout the drilling and production operations, the Company has maintained excellent safety, environmental and social responsibility standards. The workforce is comprised predominately of Malagasy national employees and the Company is committed to the employment and training of local workers.

The Company continues to make a positive contribution to the local communities in its operations area, and to the country, through its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through an array of community programs and projects. The Company is also participating in programs to sustain the healthy biodiversity of the Island.


We Are Committed 


Benchmark Group and Madagascar Oil are committed to Madagascar’s development.  Our commitment goes beyond unlocking its oil resource but also to nurturing the next generation of leaders through international exchange and collaboration.


Polytechnic, Petroleum Engineering: Training

We enabled the collaboration between Trisakti University, a leader in petroleum engineering, with the Polytehnic at the University of Antananrivo.  Trisakti professors taught at the Polytehnic, and collaborated on modernizing the syllabus to train industry-ready professional petroleum engineers. Madagascar Oil continues to provide the field training for the students’ practical and career development.

Ministry of Mines & Petroleum: Capacity Building

We sponsored the visit of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum team to Jakarta to meet with the Indonesian Ministry of Energy (ESDM) to exchange Indonesia’s 50 year of oil and gas policy making, and share invaluable experiences, in order to accelerate Madagascar oil and gas development, and updating its petroleum code to attract investors. The team learnt from the world’s biggest heavy oil development, Duri-Sumatra, operated by Chevron. Madagascar Oil operating team are Chevron-trained, each with over 25 years experience, they will not only accelerate the heavy oil development but transfer invaluable know how to their Malagasy colleagues.

CEDS, 60 Fellows Visit Indonesia: Learning

We were pleased to sponsor the visit of over 60 graduate students from CEDS (Centre D’Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques)  to learn Indonesia’s successful economic development and its governance.  Visits made with the Jakarta governor, the Sultan of Jogjakarta, the army and airforce institutions, ASEAN-secretariat, and others. They saw the success of tourism in Bali which can provide a template for Madagascar tourism development.