We Are Pioneers


Having been in country since 2004, Madagascar Oil is Madagascar’s leading and longest operating oil and gas company.

In 2015, the Company was the first oil and gas company in the country to be awarded a development license when it received a 25-year license to develop Block 3104 (Tsimiroro). Additional extensions to this license enable a potential development period of up to 50 years.


We Have A World Class Reserve


The Company’s principal asset, Block 3104, is a world-class reserve.

Block 3104 is huge — covering an area of 6,670km2 — and contains the Tsimororo structure: a massive structure spanning 57km north-south and 12km east-west. It lies approximately 100km in-land from Maintirano, which is on the west coast of Madagascar (220km by road) and 275km west of the capital Antananarivo (360km by road).

The Company has a 100% working interest in the Production Sharing Contract covering Block 3104. This interest is held through its wholly-owned Malagasy subsidiary, Madagascar Oil S.A..


We Are Production And Logistics Ready


Madagascar Oil is now embarking on the first phase of development of its 1.7 Billion barrel oil deposit identified at Tsimiroro.

The development will involve the deployment of a large scale, multi-phase steam flood operation, which is expected to be one of the largest steam flood oilfields in the world.

Madagascar Oil is fully committed to working with the Government and the people of Madagascar to develop Tsimiroro for the benefit of all stakeholders and placing Madagascar in the league of significant oil producing countries.

The Company has completed a delivery management plan and procured a flexible and versatile logistics fleet designed to supply both the domestic and export market.  Despite the interruption caused by Covid, the Company’s first commercial deliveries commenced in 2H 2021 and will only grow as the Company develops more of the asset’s full potential.